Specialist technicians in dry transformer repair

Specialist technicians in dry transformer repair

Leading company in dry transformer solutions

At Savda Group, you will find a top-tier firm in the transformer industry. We are not only specialists in manufacturing various types, including dry electrical transformers, but we also excel in dry transformer maintenance and repair, with the latter being one of our most sought-after services. Excellence in repairing a dry power transformer is crucial to ensuring the efficiency and safety of electrical systems. With a long history and international reputation, we are a reference in the sector. Our success lies in a committed team of highly trained professionals and international coverage that allows us to serve clients worldwide. With Savda Group, your dry transformer is in expert hands.

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Notable features of dry transformers

Enhanced insulation

Dry power transformers use solid insulating materials, including epoxy resins and polyester, which minimize the risk of leaks and spills compared to oil-filled transformers. This characteristic not only ensures greater safety but also reduces environmental impact in case of failures.

Natural cooling

One of the significant benefits of dry transformers is their reliance on air for dissipating heat generated during operation. This means they do not require elaborate and expensive cooling systems, resulting in a simpler and more environmentally friendly thermal management solution.

High durability

Dry transformers are designed to be robust and long-lasting. Their solid construction and the use of high-quality materials make them highly resilient, allowing them to withstand adverse conditions and ensure optimal performance throughout their operational life.

Low maintenance

Another key advantage of dry transformers is their low maintenance requirement. Their intrinsic design reduces the need for dry transformer repairs, resulting in significant long-term cost savings and more efficient operation for users.

Types of dry transformers and their main characteristics

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Encapsulated transformers

Encapsulated transformers are protected by a hermetic casing that shields their coils and core from the surrounding environment. This feature makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring their resistance to moisture and contamination, resulting in reliable performance in various circumstances and reduced dry transformer repair work.

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Open-coil transformers

Open-coil transformers have exposed coils and are often mounted on uncovered cores. This configuration makes them particularly suitable for clean and dry environments. They are frequently used in industrial and commercial settings with controlled environments.

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Molded-type transformers

Molded-type dry electrical transformers are produced using a special process that encapsulates both the coils and the core in a firm resin. This structure provides exceptional resistance to moisture and contamination, making them the preferred choice for locations with challenging environmental conditions.

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Self-cooled transformers

These dry power transformers have a unique construction that allows the coils to expand and contract with temperature variations without suffering any damage. This adaptability makes them essential for applications where significant temperature changes occur, ensuring their durability and efficiency over time.

Tips for proper dry transformer maintenance

Regular inspection

Performing regular inspections during dry transformer maintenance work is essential and should always be carried out by trained professionals. These inspections ensure optimal performance and extend the equipment's lifespan.

Temperature control

It is crucial to verify that the transformer's cooling systems are functioning correctly during dry transformer repair and maintenance work. Proper temperature regulation ensures efficiency and prevents potential failures.

Transformer cleaning

Keeping the exterior casing of the transformer clean is fundamental. The accumulation of dirt and dust can hinder proper heat dissipation, so regular cleaning helps maintain optimal operation.

Difference between dry transformers and oil transformers

Transformers are essential in electrical systems to modify alternating current voltage, and among them, dry transformers and oil transformers stand out as two predominant variants. While dry transformers use solid insulating materials, such as resins, and are cooled by surrounding air, oil transformers use oil as both an insulating and cooling medium. This difference in construction leads to variations in their operation: oil transformers may be more efficient in dissipating heat but carry the risk of spills and leaks. In contrast, dry transformers, not relying on oil, are less prone to such risks and are ideal for indoor spaces and areas with environmental concerns. Both have specific applications based on their individual advantages and limitations. We specialize in maintenance for dry electrical transformers, so do not hesitate to seek our advice if needed.

Difference between dry transformers and oil transformers

Keep your dry transformer in perfect condition with Savda Group

Interested in learning more about our dry transformer repair services? At our company, we are experts in the field. Don't wait any longer and contact us. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with all the information and guidance you need. Trust the best and make an informed decision!


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