Medium voltage transformer repair

Medium voltage transformer repair

Medium-voltage transformer maintenance service

At Savda Group we take pride in being your trusted specialist in medium-voltage transformer repair. Located in Begonte, we are industry leaders, providing specialized services for both oil-immersed and oil-cooled transformers.

Medium-voltage transformers play a crucial role in the electrical infrastructure, enabling the efficient distribution of power across various sectors. Their function is to step up or step down voltage to meet the needs of diverse applications, from industrial to urban electrical supply.

Maintaining these transformers in optimal condition is essential to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Our expertise in medium-voltage transformer repair encompasses everything from detecting and addressing oil leaks to restoring insulation. Regular maintenance prevents costly disruptions and ensures the continuity of electrical service.

At Savda Group we are committed to keeping your electrical infrastructure in excellent condition. Trust us to ensure the reliable performance of your power transformers. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

medium voltage transformer

Common repairs in medium-voltage transformers

Oil leak repair

At Savda Group we are experts in repairing oil leaks in oil-cooled transformers. Our trained team efficiently identifies and resolves any leaks, ensuring the transformer's integrity and preventing oil losses and environmental issues.

Insulator replacement

Insulator replacement is crucial for maintaining the safety and performance of power transformers. At Savda Group, we offer insulator replacement services with high-quality components and expert craftsmanship to ensure the continuous reliability of your equipment.

Connection Repairs (Electrical Connections)

Our electrical connection repair services ensure safe and efficient connections in your medium-voltage transformer. We detect and resolve issues in terminals and connections, preventing potential electrical failures and ensuring a reliable power supply.

Coil Rewinding

Coil rewinding is a critical task in medium-voltage transformer repair. At Savda Group we have the expertise and equipment required to perform precise and efficient rewinding, restoring your transformer's functionality and extending its lifespan.

CLearn about all the medium-voltage transformers we can repair

medium voltage transformer repair

Pole-mounted transformers

Pole-mounted transformers are an efficient solution for power distribution in urban and rural areas. At Savda Group we offer specialized repair services for medium-voltage transformers to keep them operational.

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Pad-mounted Transformers

Pad-mounted transformers are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. At our transformer repair company, we are ready to provide expert repair services for medium-voltage transformers to ensure optimal performance.

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Dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers are a safe and eco-friendly option for various environments. At Savda Group we offer repair services for dry-type medium-voltage transformers, ensuring your equipment operates reliably and efficiently at all times.

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Oil-filled Transformers

Oil-filled transformers are essential for power transmission and industrial applications. We understand the importance of keeping these power transformers in excellent condition. Our medium-voltage transformer repair services guarantee their optimal operation and durability.

Steps for the inspection and repair of oil-filled transformers

The repair process for oil-filled transformers is essential to maintain the reliable operation of these critical components in the electrical infrastructure. It involves several crucial steps that ensure the restoration and optimal performance of the transformer.

Receipt and initial testing

Upon receiving the transformer in our workshops, initial tests are conducted to assess the extent of the damage. This includes visual inspections and preliminary tests to identify issues before proceeding with the repair of the oil-immersed transformer.

General transformer inspection

Next, the transformer is disassembled, and a thorough inspection takes place. The condition of the core, windings, regulation elements, and cooling liquid is verified. Tests are conducted to assess dielectric strength and water content in the oil.

Customer report

After analyzing all elements, we inform the customer about the necessary repairs, setting the price and corresponding delivery time.

Electrical testing

Following the repair, the transformer undergoes electrical tests according to current regulations. These tests ensure that the transformer operates under optimal conditions, essential for its safety and efficiency in power transmission.

Contact the medium-voltage transformer repair experts

Trust Savda Group for the maintenance and repair of medium-voltage transformers. Our quality processes ensure optimal results. Contact us today to discuss your needs and ensure the safe and efficient performance of your equipment. Your peace of mind is our priority.


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