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Assembly, inspection, and maintenance of power transformers

Power transformers, what are they and their functionality

When we talk about power transformers, we are referring to essential equipment in the distribution of electrical energy, responsible for modifying and adapting voltage levels between different points in the electrical system. Their main function is to increase (step up) or decrease (step down) electrical voltage, ensuring safe and efficient distribution. The importance of these devices lies in their ability to adapt energy to make it suitable for various applications, from industries to households. Among their main applications are electrical substations and power plants.

At Savda Group we specialize in the repair and maintenance of power transformers. With extensive experience, we offer comprehensive solutions that range from the sale of power transformers to their installation. Our power transformer factory guarantees the highest quality products, and as manufacturers of power transformers, we provide the best prices for power transformers in the market. Trust Savda Group for excellent service.

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Installation of power transformers in Spain

At Savda Group, located in Begonte, Lugo, we are experts in the installation of power transformers. Despite our strategic location in Galicia, we extend our commitment to excellence in installation to international clients, ensuring quality and efficiency in every project.

Planning and preparation

Before any operation, careful planning is essential. At Savda Group we analyze the technical specifications of power transformers and the installation site to ensure a smooth process. This involves calculating costs, timelines, and resources to ensure excellent value for money in the sale of power transformers.

Transformer transport

Transporting such sensitive and heavy equipment requires special attention. We ensure safe transportation, avoiding damage, and optimizing power transformer prices to provide the best offer to the customer.

Lifting and installation

Thanks to cranes and specialized tools, we carry out the installation of power transformers at the designated location. Our team, trained in our power transformer factory, ensures precise and safe installation.

Electrical connections

We make all the necessary electrical connections, ensuring the proper integration of the transformer into the network. As manufacturers of power transformers, we have perfect knowledge of every technical detail for optimal connection.

Testing and checks

Before commissioning the transformer, we perform comprehensive tests to ensure its proper operation and safety. Each test validates the quality and efficiency of the equipment, reflecting the Savda Group standard.

Maintenance and monitoring

The lifespan and optimal performance of a transformer are ensured through proper maintenance of power transformers. At Savda Group, we offer continuous monitoring and maintenance services, ensuring maximum efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

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Preventive maintenance of technical issues in power transformers

Power transformers are vital in electrical distribution, but they are not exempt from problems. Some common breakdowns include failures in the cooling system, which can lead to equipment overheating. Insulation failures can result in short circuits or power transmission malfunctions. Oil leaks, essential for cooling and insulation, can lead to malfunctions or environmental damage. Corrosion affects the structural integrity of the transformer, while overvoltages can damage internal components.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent these issues, it is imperative to carry out regular maintenance of power transformers. Periodic inspections, testing, and condition monitoring are essential. When problems are identified, taking corrective measures is vital. At Savda Group we provide expert solutions for the care and maintenance of power transformers, ensuring their durability and efficiency.

Repair of power transformers at a national and international level

Even with a focus on preventive maintenance and prompt problem-solving, power transformers are not immune to breakdowns. These devices, due to their nature and constant operation, can experience wear and unexpected failures that affect their performance. Vital components such as the core, coils, cooling systems, insulators, and electrical connections may require interventions. Seals may wear out, leading to oil leaks, or insulation systems may deteriorate over time.

In these cases, the repair or replacement of components becomes an imminent necessity. At Savda Group, our company specializing in the sale of power transformers, we are prepared to address these challenges. Our experience as specialists in the repair and maintenance of power transformers allows us to quickly identify issues and propose effective solutions, whether by repairing or replacing components, thus ensuring reliability and extending the equipment's lifespan.

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Contact our company to ensure proper operation of power transformers

Our power transformer factory is your best ally. If you are looking for effective and reliable solutions in the repair and maintenance of power transformers, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to advise you and ensure the optimal functionality of your equipment. Contact us and discover how we can assist you!


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