Design and manufacture of electrical transformers

Design and manufacture of electrical transformers

Electric transformer company in Galicia

At Savda Group we have over 30 years of experience designing and custom-making different electric transformers for companies from various sectors. The professionals that form this transformer company are in constant evolution. Besides ensuring the quality of each piece we produce, we strive to offer our clients the latest innovations in the sector.

The experience of our transformer factory in designing and manufacturing electric transformers in Galicia is endorsed by companies from the most demanding sectors such as the naval, clinical, industrial, and renewable energy sectors.

From our headquarters, located in Begonte, Lugo province, we offer this design and manufacturing service of electric transformers to companies throughout Galicia, Spain, and also to international companies upon request.

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All our current transformers comply with regulations

All our transformers adhere to the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive 7323CEE, through the technical specifications indicated in the harmonized standards: UNE EN 61558. Additionally, they align with the directive on transient emissions and electromagnetic contamination 89/336 CE, following ISO 7637-1 and ISO 7367-2 standards.

What types of transformers and autotransformers do we manufacture?

Savda Group is a leading company in the manufacturing of electric transformers. Our factory produces a wide range of transformers, including three-phase and single-phase current transformers, as well as autotransformers. Reliability and quality are our hallmarks in the transformer industry.



Savda Group stands out as a leading factory in the production of electric transformers. Our three-phase and single-phase transformers are known for their efficiency and durability in the industry. We offer a wide variety of options to meet our clients' needs.



We are also specialists in autotransformers. These versatile and efficient devices are essential in numerous electrical applications. Our factory produces high-quality autotransformers that ensure exceptional performance and higher energy efficiency.

Single-phase transformers

Single-phase transformers and their main characteristics

Single-phase transformers, a standout specialty of Savda Group, play a crucial role in voltage modification in electrical systems without altering the frequency. Their main function lies in efficiently changing the voltage of alternating current, and their versatility leads to a wide range of applications. From voltage reduction for household supply to voltage adjustment for electronic devices, these transformers are essential in our daily lives. Additionally, they provide a reliable power source for industrial equipment and are used in a plethora of electrical and electronic applications. Our transformer factory takes pride in offering top-quality single-phase transformers, thus ensuring optimal performance in all circumstances.

Single-phase control transformer and single-phase control transformer for DIM rail mounting in IP00 and IP20


Technical features

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Thermal insulation: Class F up to 10 KVA. Class H >10 KVA.
  • Winding in copper H-200 °C.
  • Protection degree: IP 00—IP 23—IP 54 (Other protection degrees available on request).
  • Connection: Accessible via terminals. (Other connections based on requirements).
  • Test voltage: 3.5 Kv for 1 min at 50 Hz, between windings and ground.
  • Voltages: 400/230 V,400-230/24?V-48,690/230V (Any other voltage upon request).
  • Powers: from 5 VA up to 5000 VA.


  • Control and maneuver transformer.
  • Isolation transformer to eliminate the risk of single-pole contact.
Single-phase control transformer Single-phase control transformer
single-phase transformer

Single-phase power transformer


Technical features

  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Thermal Insulation: Class F up to 10 KVA. Class H >10 KVA.
  • Copper Winding H-200°C.
  • Protection Rating: IP 00—IP 23—IP 54 (Other protection ratings available upon request).
  • Connection: Accessible via terminal blocks. (Other connections as needed).
  • Test Voltage: 3.5 Kv 1 min. 50 Hz, between windings and ground.
  • Voltages: 400/230 V, 400-230/24V-48, 690/230?V (Any other voltage upon request).
  • Power Ratings: From 5 KVA to 50 KVA.


  • Power transformer for circuit separation.
  • Isolation transformer to eliminate the risk of single-pole contact.

All you need to know about three-phase transformers

Compared to single-phase, three-phase transformers stand out for their design with three primary and three secondary coils. This feature allows them to handle three-phase electrical systems, essential for industrial and commercial applications. Their main functions include the efficient distribution of electrical power, generating high voltages for long-distance power transmission, and protecting electrical machinery against overloads and voltage fluctuations. At Savda Group, we manufacture high-quality three-phase transformers that guarantee reliable electricity supply and uninterrupted operation across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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Advantages of three-phase transformers

More Power

Three-phase transformers surpass single-phase in capacity, ideal for high-power applications and robust electrical systems.

Higher Efficiency

They offer superior efficiency in distributing power, reducing losses, and operational costs.

Easy Installation

Simplified installation process speeds up electrical projects, minimizing implementation time.

Lighter Weight

Thanks to their optimized design, they are lightweight, easy to transport, and take up less space compared to single-phase.

Functioning and typology of electric autotransformers

The distinctive feature of electric autotransformers compared to traditional ones is their singularity: they use a single wire coil instead of two separate coils. This design efficiency allows for effective voltage transformation in a more compact space with less energy loss.

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Single-phase reversible autotransformer


  • Power autotransformer for voltage changes.
  • Autotransformers for reducing public lighting consumption.

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Three-phase reversible autotransformers



  • Power autotransformer for voltage changes.

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