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Professionals in conducting tests on transformers

What are electrical tests, and what is their purpose?

Transformer tests are crucial to ensure the performance and safety of these devices. These evaluations, also known as electrical tests, are aimed at verifying the operation, efficiency, and quality of an electrical transformer. Through an electrical test, it is possible to assess the transformer under various conditions and ensure that it complies with both national and international regulations. One of the most important tests is the transformer insulation test, which checks the quality of the insulation and its ability to withstand high voltages.

Another vital test is the short-circuit test of a transformer, which evaluates the equipment's resistance to short-circuit situations. It is essential to conduct these tests on transformers, especially after they have been repaired, to ensure that they return to optimal functioning. These examinations, often referred to as routine tests, provide a guarantee of quality offered by Savda Group.

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The importance of leaving transformer tests in the hands of professionals

Performing transformer tests is not a simple task; it requires a significant amount of energy and in-depth technical knowledge. Given their complexity and risk, it is imperative to leave these tests in the hands of professionals. At Savda Group, we have advanced technical means and accumulated experience to carry out these tests with complete safety and effectiveness. Precision and reliability in electrical testing are essential to ensure the integrity and proper operation of the transformer. Trust our expert team in transformer insulation tests to guarantee optimal results and the safety of your equipment.

Why are we the best choice for conducting electrical tests?

Safety guaranteed

At Savda Group we prioritize safety in every transformer test. Our procedures and state-of-the-art equipment are designed to ensure that each test is performed without risks, protecting both the transformer and our technical staff.

Accurate interpretations

Accuracy in electrical testing is crucial. Our expert team meticulously analyzes the results, providing clear and precise interpretations that allow for a deep understanding of the transformer's condition and performance.

Quality assurance

Trust Savda Group to obtain unbeatable quality results. Each transformer test we perform offers the highest quality, ensuring that your transformer meets the most demanding safety and performance standards.

Tests we conduct to check the operation of transformers

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Insulation tests

These transformer tests assess the dielectric resistance of the transformer's internal insulation. Ensuring optimal insulation is crucial to prevent failures and ensure safety in the transformer's operation.

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Transformation ratio test

In this test, the transformer's transformation ratio, which refers to the relationship between input and output voltage, is determined. It is verified that this ratio corresponds to the specifications in the transformer's original design.

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Resistance test

There are two main types: winding resistance and load resistance tests. These transformer tests evaluate electrical resistance in different parts of the transformer, ensuring that it stays within the desired limits and that there are no failures.

Loss test

Loss test

In "no-load loss" tests on transformers, the energy losses that occur when the transformer operates without a load are calculated. Meanwhile, short-circuit losses measure energy losses under maximum load conditions in short-circuit situations.

Overvoltage tests

Overvoltage tests

In this electrical test, the transformer is subjected to deliberate overvoltages to ensure that it can withstand these extreme conditions without damage, ensuring its durability and safety.

Need more information about the transformer tests we conduct?

Ensure the performance and safety of your transformer with our comprehensive tests. At Savda Group, we have the experience and cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and reliable results. Do you want more information about our transformer testing service? Feel free to contact us; we are here to assist you.


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